The most unique snare drums on the planet!
Well we certainly think so, all our snare drums have a leather shell, that doesn’t mean a leather look or covering, each shell is actually hand built in our factory in Coburg North, using hardened vegetable tanned leather combined with a wooden centre.  Each drum has it’s own unique grain so we finish each shell in natural wax and hand polish to showcase leather in all it’s natural beauty.  Talk to us about your own unique setup, we are happy to customize with different hardware options.


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Dawson Street Drum Co was founded on an epiphany,
though we may work with leather all day, the mind has a tendency to drift to another place,  behind a drum kit!  The idea to combine leather and drums was born, the skills and techniques garnered over 20 years in leather crafting were applied to the snare drum to create a truly unique drum, a piece of art. How do they sound? Dark, warm, open.     And the smell!

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